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Seven important questions every parent must ask when they meet with their child’s teacher.

Parent Teacher Meeting Problems

A parent tends to know everything about their child up until they go to school. Children spend a lot of time in their schools (even if virtually) and their teachers observe the things they do. These personality traits can help the parent understand their child better and understand their likes and dislikes.

So, even as most schools have transitioned to online teaching and learning, and parent-teacher meets also conducted over video sessions, it can still be very helpful to talk to your child’s tutors and recognize his or her capabilities, strengths, frame of mind and social-interactive skills, outside the realm of home. If you have a young child who just started to attend school, it can be very helpful to talk to the educators and know you can help your child develop, academically and socially. For whether you are a first-timer or parent to a grown-up child, here are some things you must not hesitate to ask:

What are my child’s academic reports and working capabilities throughout the year?

This will help you understand the way your child does his/her work and you can implement their working style in their home life to increase their understanding power.

Does my child need help in any subject?

This will help you understand your child’s academic needs. You can help your child in these subjects and increase their academic results.

Is my child happy?

We know academics are important, but it is important to note that if your child is unhappy they will be unable to perform their best.

What are my child’s strengths?

Identifying their strengths will not only boost your confidence but also your child’s self-esteem.

How do you think I can help my child?

A teacher observes every child in their classroom. They understand the child’s needs and can help you understand your child and what they need in their life that can help them excel at life.

What is my child’s behaviour in school?

Noting your child’s behaviour and the differences in behaviour from home to school can help you understand your child a bit better. You will be able to identify their problem areas and if they are struggling in their school life.

Any advice to parent better?

Teachers understand the relationship between a child and their parents. They have a lot of experience in this field and can provide you with insights that can help you in the long run and build a good relationship with your child.

At the end of the day, it all depends on you. You get to decide the questions that you think are right for your child. These questions are just a guide that can help you determine the type of questions you can ask. It is always better to personalise the questions according to your needs and understanding. It can be very beneficial for your child and can help you create a plan of action that can be implemented to improve the quality of their life and their academic excellence.

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