Double Standards In Relationship

According to Reverend Mrs Catherine Onwioduokit, a relationship expert, entering into a new relationship without first healing from a past heartbreak can lead to disastrous consequences. Mama Cathy, as she is popularly called, advised on JoyFM Super Morning Show that individuals with broken hearts should seek help. She also suggests that individuals looking for love should take the time to understand the emotional state of the person they are considering.

As per her advice, it is important to prioritize your emotional well-being and healing before entering into a new romantic relationship. It is not wise to jump into a new relationship just to prove a point to your ex, especially if you are not married. You are not proving anything to anyone by doing this. Instead, take the time to understand what is best for you.

“The best revenge for proving a point to your ex is to be successful. Be healed and pursue a career; pursue your future; pursue whatever would make you happy. “So if the person who dropped you sees you for 3–5 years, the person will regret dropping you. That is the best revenge you can give to an ex not to jump into another bit of relationship,” she said.

Mrs Onwioduokit stressed the need for mutual respect and support, emphasising that life is a series of seasons that people go through together. She said that by treating each other with kindness and compassion, couples can make the most of every season of their lives.

The President of Family Renaissance International cautioned couples not to take advantage of each other, as the person they hurt today could be the one who helps them in the future. “Memories are not wiped because situations change. You may change in the next four years over that person, but the memories of the hurt you caused the person will be too much for you to be able to deal with, and not everybody forgives easily, so be careful,” she said.

By: Isaac Kafui Nyanyovor


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