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Everyone in this life has a dream. A person without a dream in life is like a “walking dead”. It is the dreams that we have that pushes us in life. It drives us, it gives us a sense of directions. It serves as a guide. Everything we do in life is practically centred around our dreams, our dreams can affect us so much so that it affects our behaviour. If you have a dream, it determines how you see life, see people, relate with them and all.

A person with a dream is like a car with an engine. Dreams can be good or bad, but the goodness of a dream is dependent on the carrier of the dream. We all see things differently, we all wish for different things at different points in our lives. Everyone is on a different level in life based on the upbringing of the person.

For example, is someone from a typical village, the dream may be to come to the city even if that person will come and sleep in a slum or even sleeping outside someone’s store or even in market places. As long as that can take them a step closer to their dream, that’s okay for them. Such a person will do just anything they can not to return back to the village where they came from.

There will also be another, who lives in a 3 bedroom and aspiring for a mansion, they are all dreams tangible for the people at different times. The most important question now is, do you have a dream? If you do, what is it? When you have answered well to these questions, then the next thing we are looking at now is how to realise your dreams. It is not just okay to have the dream and not realising it.

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EFO’S COUTORE [0548951247]
To be able to realise your dreams, one must:


  • Visualize the Dream: One must always endeavour to picture what your dream is about, if you don’t, you are not able to take measures or plans to achieve it. If we don’t visualize we become helpless. It is important to know that not everyone is interested in your dreams, so pay attention to it yourself. And always remember this, in this life, whatever you picture with your mind, you can capture it [bringing into reality].


  • Don’t compare yourself or your dream to others. It’s natural for people to copy people but we must know and understand that, we are all different people, and see life differently. Focus on your dream. You are the only one that will drive your dream to your desired destination.


  • Do not be afraid of what people think or say about you and your dreams. Let us keep this at the back of our minds that, whatever you do in life, people will talk. Not everyone is or will be happy about what you want to achieve. Once you know what you want, go for it.


  • Trust your instincts. Regarding your dreams, you should listen to what your inner man is telling you. Most of the times, our instincts do not lie to us. Fellow your convictions and pray about it. Work hard towards achieving your dreams.
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MAK EVENTS [0594110706]
  • Get the needed resources: Mobilise what you need to be able to achieve your dreams. Talk to the right people concerning your dreams. Note that, not everyone is happy or wants your good, so you must be careful who you speak to and who advises you concerning your dreams. Even in terms of money or financial support, you must be careful, some will come back and rub it in your face. In your quest to mobilise resources, shun people that will dim your light.


  • Be ready to pay the prize [sacrifices] that comes with it. Every good thing goes through trials. Everything in life comes with a sacrifice, be the ready to the pay to achieve your dream.


  • Be Disciplined: For you to be able to achieve your dreams, you must be very disciplined with your time and resources. Spend your time on things that directly link to your dreams, don’t forget that, time is money, so use your time wisely. Also, don’t waste the little resources you have on buying unnecessarily, be very disciplined with the way you spend your money if you really want to see your dream come through.


  • Be Hardworking: Don’t forget that hard work pays and it doesn’t kill, and it’s better to get dirty to make your dream come through. Not everyone will be willing to help you to see your dream come through, so you must be willing and ready to get things done on your own.
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Just like mining gold, you must to get the gold out of the dirt. Learn to appreciate more and expect less from people. If you expect more, you may get disappointed most of the time. Human being has the tenacity to fail you but God will not fail you. Let us keep the focus and expectation on God. He will continually be our “ever-present help in time of need”.

Dream Realisation isn’t an easy task, but it is worth the try if you want to achieve it. Dream a good dream today, take steps to actualise it and trust God to help and come through for you. Keep the focus! Don’t lose it, you lose it, and it may affect an entire generation. Our dreams don’t just affect us, especially for those that are generational thinkers. The Lord bless us and help us dream and materialize it.

Written by © Benjamin Freshhope Mensah.


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