The aunt of pregnant 20-year-old Judith Yaa Kumah, Madam Genevieve, has stated that the police have assured the victim of justice once a thorough investigation is conducted. The incident, which occurred on February 29, 2024, is described by Miss Kumah as a nightmare, during which Detective Corporal Clement Suputor allegedly injured her right ear while interrogating her about a robbery case.

Speaking to Starr News, Genevieve Money, the victim’s aunt, disclosed that the police had visited them, apologized, and assured them of justice after completing the investigation. “They came, we met them, we talked to them. They want to plead. It’s not that they’ve abandoned the case, but they are still investigating and seeking justice for my little girl,” she said.

Meanwhile, Judith Kumah expressed the stigma she is facing, stating that her confidence has been shattered after losing part of her ear and being labelled a “thief” whenever she goes out. She explained why she stays indoors all day: “My confidence is gone, I don’t even go out, I don’t even speak to people, apart from you guys (media). I don’t really interact with people because everyone wants to know why my ear is gone. It’s really hard because I’ve even lost my confidence, how I used to vibe and everything. It’s like now I’ve been put in a shell, I need to hide! I feel like I should hide!”

Madam Genevieve Money also spoke about Judith’s condition, stating, “Her pregnancy, in the cells, everywhere, I can say it’s hell. Because now my little girl is not concentrating well, sometimes she can talk to you very well, at other times she behaves like she’s abnormal. But I can say maybe it’s depression because for a young girl being pregnant, sent to the cells, just forced to sign something she has not done, it’s hell.”


Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM

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