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Parts of Accra flooded after heavy Monday morning rainfall

Odornor Flood

Accra, Ghana’s capital experienced severe flooding after a heavy downpour on Monday morning, causing major traffic congestion and leaving workers, traders, students, and motorists stranded and soaked.  Alajo, motorists were compelled to pull over along the roadside, seeking refuge from the relentless rain. Busy vehicles have lined up in the immovable trail of traffic, with others having to walk to get to their destinations, slowing the zeal to face the second week in May.

Sadly, but true, it has become the norm for Accra to be submerged in flood, even after the slightest drizzle of rain. As though not enough, many have taken advantage of the menace, to dump their garbage into the waters, to be carried away.

After about an hour of rain, a supposed resident was captured on camera, having his rubbish bin completely immersed in the flood, disposing of his garbage. This may not be the first or probably the last, since the drainage systems in most parts of Accra are choked with plastics, wrappers and cans, overflowing with rubbish and raising a potential cause of an outbreak.

By: Sarah Appiah

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