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NPG signs framework agreement with Chinese company for construction of a reactor


The Executive Director of Nuclear Power Ghana (NPG), Dr. Stephen Yamoah, has emphasized the significance of nuclear energy in addressing the current erratic power supply situation in the country. He stated that NPG is accelerating its efforts to build a nuclear power plant to supplement the current energy supply mix.

“In our quest to ensure the successful implementation of the nuclear power project, the Ministry of Energy and NPG have been active on the international front discussing vendor issues and evaluating proposals. These meetings are critical as they allow us to assess the best technological and operational solutions for our Project and have culminated in the signing of some significant agreements.

The first is the signing of a cooperation and framework agreement between NPG and CNNC Overseas Limited for the construction of a large reactor project and upgrading Ghana’s grid infrastructure to accommodate additional power generated and ensure efficient distribution across the country.

The second is the recent signing of two (2) Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) between Ghana, through the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), and the United States to establish a Regional Welding Certification Programme and a contractual agreement for the provision of a NuScale Exploration (E2) Centre at GAEC, “ Mr Yamoah disclosed at the commencement of a 3-day workshop for journalists in Accra on June 4, 2024.

The workshop with the theme, “Media support for the Nuclear Power Project – The Journey So Far” is being attended by over 30 journalists from broadcast, print and online media. Mr Yamoah said, “The Regional Welding Certification initiative aims to establish a comprehensive training programme to equip Ghanaian technicians with specialised skills in welding and prepare them for the demands of Ghana’s Nuclear Power construction projects.

The NuScale Exploration Centre, a simulator facility of NuScale Power’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) control room, will offer hands-on training for our future nuclear operators and engineers. It will also position Ghana as a regional hub for nuclear education and training to support safe and secure civil nuclear deployments in Africa.“

“These agreements are only a testament to the trust and confidence in Ghana’s nuclear power efforts and Ghana’s good relations with these vendors, thus, their willingness to assist Ghana in realising its Nuclear Power Project,” he added. The NPG boss therefore underscored the crucial role of the media in ensuring that Ghanaians embrace nuclear power as a clean, secure, safe, and reliable energy source.

“The collaboration has spanned the media assisting in the following: Providing public education and awareness to demystify misconceptions and fostering a well-informed public, building public trust by providing transparent and factual information about the project’s progress, safety measures, and regulatory frameworks,” he said.

Mr Yamoah added that the journalists will be required to facilitate discussions and debates on nuclear power to address public concerns and garner support for the project, highlight key achievements and partnerships in Ghana’s nuclear power journey to inform the public and emphasise the project’s status, as well as participate in NPG’s workshops and other nuclear power training programmes and events to be equipped with knowledge for accurate and effective reportage.

The President of the Ghana Journalists Association, Mr Albert Kwabena Dwumfuor, in an address said the theme underscores the existing relationship between NPG and the GJA He affirmed the cleanliness and safety of nuclear power.

“Nuclear power is a reliable source of energy. We have to contribute to changing the narrative by educating the public on the importance of nuclear power to a low-carbon future. Nuclear power is the way to go,” he stressed. Mr Dwumfuor pledged the commitment of members of the GJA to offering opportunities for discussions on their media platforms to erase the misconceptions about nuclear power.

By:  Eric Mensah-Ayettey

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