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Media personality, Christiana Sweety Aborchie is worried by the rate at which women fail to leave violent and abusive relationships because they are scared they might not find love again. She explained that such women may not have discovered their purpose and value, thus making it difficult for them to distinguish what they can accept from what they cannot.

According to her, “such women have their value tied to the relationship”. She mentioned this on Prime Morning, Mad. Aborchie said if women prioritized what is valuable to them, they would not love to be in such relationships where they are not appreciated and treated badly, because it does not align with their goals and purpose. “And the thing is, they’re afraid they won’t find love again or they won’t find anyone better, but you’ll find something better”, she said.

Christiana explained that, one can always find better things when they are positioned to receive them, hence women should invest in themselves and become the “good stuff” they are searching for and they will definitely locate better things. “You attract what you are”, she advised. She then added that women should be bold to leave such relationships and not let society deceive them into thinking they are failures because they are not.

SourceLawrencia Sarfowaa Oworae  

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