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Never say any of these in a new relationship.


A new relationship comes with a fresh wave of romance and passion. We all enjoy sharing details and opinions with our significant other. Telling them about how you liked a particular “shirt” or about the latest song they recommended, may sound very subtle to make a difference, but they actually do. Often at the starting of a relationship, while you two are getting to know each other, you may say something that hits your partner in the soft spot. And then, fights, arguments come rolling in. Hence, here are few things you should never utter in your new relationship under any condition.

Opinions on friends

Even if you don’t like that one friend of theirs, don’t vent it on them. Call your friends and talk about whatever you want to. Avoid the unnecessary drama by calling their close friend “hot” or even “a bit too much.”

The phrase “prove you love me.”

This phrase only sounds good in a movie. In reality, it is our insecure side speaking. You shouldn’t ask anyone to prove their love to you. Their actions and reactions are enough for you to understand. A healthy relationship must need a little reassurance but not by saying these things.

Saying, “my ex would have..”

Talking about your ex, in general, is a big no. Why would you want to talk about something that isn’t there in your life? Expressing your thoughts once in a while is fine, but don’t compare your current partner with your ex. Don’t even tell them how much you “hate” your ex; they might assume you still think or have feelings for them.

Saying, “you remind me of one of my exes.”

Maybe their reading habit matches with one of your exes, but you don’t have to say it to them. Few things are best left unsaid. No matter how close you two are or you share everything, they might feel that you are stuck in the past if you say something like this.

Comment on their habits

You may feel you are a caring person by saying, “you eat very oily food,” but you won’t seem like one to them initially. Don’t comment on their habits when you are just in the starting phase of your relationship. With time, you can start being honest.

“Me or them?”

Don’t make your partner choose. Making them choose is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. It is not right to ask them to choose between partying with friends or staying at home with you in everyday situations

Rude words

Saying “shut up” or “leave right now” in the middle of an argument may seem fine but don’t say it usually. Don’t sound unkind or rude by saying things you don’t really mean. Initially, they might not understand if you are joking or being serious. Respect each other.

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