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The former President of Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi says his painful moment during the Number 12 exposé was when his daughter’s classmate referred to him as a thief. Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray, Mr. Nyantakyi stated that as a parent he felt down when a classmate of his daughter confronted her on the Number 12 exposé.

“She came to me and said, ‘Daddy one of my classmates said you are a thief, is it true?’ My brother, how will you take that as a parent? Nine-year-old, so you know, that was what was in the media so when they are going to school we tell the driver not to switch on the radio for the children to hear what is going on.

“Not that they were gossiping about it, a classmate came to ask her that I learnt that your daddy is a thief is it true. It’s devastating, so what I told her was maame close your ears to these things. Close your ears, that is somebody’s imagination. It is not true, how can I be a thief? I am not a thief,” Mr. Nyantakyi stated.

He further disclosed that he has developed a certain respect for Kennedy Agyapong and Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin because they stood up for him.

According to him, he never had any relationship with Kennedy Agyapong.

“I was disturbed by the negative publicity but I was unperturbed about the truth or otherwise of the matter. I was sure that one day people will get to know the truth.

“That is why I have developed a certain respect and love for people like Honorable Ken Agyapong. He seemed to be the only person who stood up for me publicly and the Right Honorable Speaker. But you know the interesting thing, I had never met Kennedy Agyapong neither had I spoken to him,” Mr. Nyantakyi narrated.

He continued: “Some people may have thought that I went to place a plea before him to come to my aid. Apart from seeing honourable Kenned Agyapong on TV and then listening to him on radio. I never had a personal encounter with him. Mr. Speaker I knew him long ago as my senior but I hadn’t met him for more than two decades.”

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