Award-winning Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene sustained injuries on Sunday night after ramming his car into a tipper truck. The accident occurred at CP, close to the DSTV office towards the Dzowulu traffic light in Accra. It is unclear where the artiste was headed.

According to the Editor for Modern Ghana news portal, Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri who witnessed the accident, he was right behind the musician’s car when the accident occurred around 11:30 pm. He told that he only noticed it was the musician in the car with one male passenger when he went closer to offer assistance.

“I was behind him, and so I was the first person to rush to his rescue. Kwame was struggling to come out so I brought him out of the car and helped the passenger too, before some guys also came around. I arranged for a vehicle to convey them to the UGMC hospital.” He explained that the tipper truck was in motion but moving slowly when the musician crashed into it from behind.

He believes the accident occurred because the N1 highway is dark due to poor lighting, while the tipper truck also lacked tail light, thereby worsening visibility. The male passenger did not appear to have any physical injury but told nurses at the UGMC Hospital that he felt pains in his neck and back.

Ajarfor also says he called in police officers from the Achimota Police Station to the scene who towed his car. According to him, the artiste appears to have broken his arm as a cut was visible with blood on his hands. He also had a cut on his lips, his leg and an injury in the hip.

“He’s fine. He had a broken arm with blood all over his hands. The car is badly damaged and all the airbags exploded. He could have died” he said. The artiste was in a Range Rover with registration number, GC- 220-21.

By:  Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie

Benjamin Mensah

By Benjamin Mensah

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