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Most common first-time sex mistakes


Indulging in a sexual act for the first time is not as hunky-dory as portrayed in pop culture. In fact, first-time sex is quite the opposite of that. It brings into play a number of emotions ranging from pressure to anxiety. In addition, one needs to be fully aware and knowledgeable before indulging in a sexual act for the first time. This could help both the partners understand how to go about everything and makes it easier for them to convey what they want from each other. Here is a look at the most common first-time sex mistakes.

Not talking about it first

If you are in a relationship with someone that you hope to have sex with for the first time, engage in a serious conversation about sex beforehand. It’s necessary to find out what you both think about it, what your wants, needs, and fears are, and what you find gross, weird, or confusing. Knowing what the other person thinks and feels about sex is paramount for having a good first time.

​Not using a condom

Condoms aren’t necessarily exciting, but they are important. Being protected against potential pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is very important. Also, having sex for the first time without using a condom might make you tempted to keep skipping the condom the next time you have sex, and the time after that until you face some consequences.

Not understanding consent

Consent means both partners feel that the other person has their interests at heart, and neither person is scared of what the other person might do. If you don’t understand consent, you are likely to cause your partner traumatic experiences that could qualify as sexual assault or even rape.

Pressuring your partner

Having sex for the first time is an incredibly intimate and personal thing — something you will probably remember for the rest of your life. But never pressurize your partner into it. People shouldn’t do anything sexual until they are ready, and making demands or pleading is not going to make someone feel ready.

Bragging about it afterwards

When you are done having your first sexual experience, you might think of telling people about it. However, this can turn the experience into a negative one, especially for your partner if they are not expecting to have details of this intimate moment spread around. Thus, before you go sharing all the details, check with your partner about who you both agree gets to know and who doesn’t.

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