Mary Njoku

Nigerian movie star, Mary Njoku, has expressed her opinion on the subject of marriage. She believes that tying the knot is not an accomplishment in itself, but rather, the most important thing is to find the right life partner. Mary made this statement on her Instagram account and also criticized women who try to force others into getting married.

She pointed out that many married women are unhappy in their marriages but don’t feel comfortable talking about it due to societal pressures. She expressed that marriage should not be viewed as an accomplishment, but rather finding the right partner should be considered as one. She urged people to give singles the space and support they need to make the best decisions for themselves and to find good partners without interference. Furthermore, she emphasized that over 60% of couples report feeling unhappy in their marriages due to societal expectations.

“That was how Ifeoma was pushed to marry nonsense. Every weekend na hospital appointment for the black eye, and spiritual warfare against physical side chicks. “Yet she is among those trolling single girls for the same marriage. Rest Biko. Focus on the Economy! And Let the singles BREATHE.”



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