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Man rapes woman, defiles her 13yr old daughter at Ajumako Essaman

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A man believed to be in his 40s has allegedly defiled a primary five pupil of the Ajumako Essaman Methodist Basic School after he had earlier raped her mother at Ajumako Essaman in the Central Region.

According to the victim, the man named Nana Eduah called her under the guise of sending her to buy him foodstuffs only for the suspect to defile her as he covered her mouth to prevent her from calling for help.

The victim revealed to Kasapa FM’s Central Regional Correspondent Yaw Boagyan that after the dastardly act, the man threatened her with death if she ever revealed what happened.

“He gave me money to go and put it in his room and when I went there he came over me and pushed me on his bed and raped me till blood oozed from my vagina and I couldn’t walk home instantly so I waited until evening time before going home,” she recounted.

According to the victim, she and her mother sweep and wash for the accused.

Meanwhile, the mother of the victim Diana Forson also claimed that the suspect has raped her.

She has threatened to hang herself for what she calls shame that has come over her in the community.

Madam Forson revealed that she used to do household chores for the suspect but he takes advantage of her due to her poverty.

She has accused the suspect of conniving with the police to thwart her efforts at getting justice.

Following an official complaint, the police in the area have asked for a medical report to confirm the child was actually raped.


Source: Ghana/ Boagyan

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