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Long or Short – Does Size Matter?

Long Or Short

There is a very big myth out there that the bigger it is the better it will be when it comes to sex. But studies suggest that it is not at all like that. It is all in the mind! Your brain is your most active sex organ as it is all up to what you believe and imagine. So today, we bring to you reasons on how even the small package of a man can give women pleasure, busting the myth, and proving that size does not matter!

The size of the male reproductive has always been a huge topic of discussion.  This discussion cannot have a conclusion as two schools of thought exist, which have their own take on this debate. One set of women believe what matters more than the size, which takes both the length and the girth into consideration, is the technique of a man. The other set of people believe that size is crucial for an enjoyable and satisfying experience of intercourse and an even better orgasm.

Some women believe that a longer penis is necessary as it hits the G-spot more easily in between strokes made during the course. However, there is no concrete proof available for this as a lot of women have claimed that if a man can last longer and provides more clitoral stimulation, it is sufficient to attain an orgasm.

A set of women have also condemned the large size of the penis, which said that if a penis is above the average size, it actually hurts during intercourse as the average vagina is approximately 6 inches in size. This set of women has also laid emphasis on girth as they believe that a wider girth is what maximises pleasure and helps in attaining a more heightened orgasm.

Distorted perceptions of the ideal penis size along with unrealistic standards set by porn have lured women into believing that there is an ideal size which matters. However, the size of the penis depends on a variety of factors like the country of origin, height of the person, genes etc., which is why, what is considered ideal in India might not be ideal in Rwanda.

As mentioned earlier, there can never be a solid conclusion to this, but it can be agreed upon that girth matters more than the length and satisfaction during sexual intercourse doesn’t only depend only on the size of the penis. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.


You do not have to be afraid

Sometimes women get scared of the size as it is something that enters your body. A small one puts that worry at ease and you are able to enjoy your sex life then too. There is no searing pain, so relax and enjoy!

They are better in bed

Getting an orgasm is a little difficult for most women, irrespective of size. It is the quality of sex that matters. There are many sex positions out there for all and how are men with a smaller one better? They feel that their size is not enough so they know and try different ways to give you pleasure which they can count on easily and therefore, they put more effort in being an amazing lover

Accommodating a small vagina

It is not just for men, even women have trouble with their own size. If they have a small vagina, the experience for them with a big penis can be tormenting and painful and well scary to begin with. So a small man becomes the knight in shining armour here. They help you with pain free and good sex with a lot of foreplay.



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