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‘Kofi Brokeman’ is no longer for the ‘broke man’


This is a story not about the fall of the mighty but of the rise of the fallen. ‘Kofi Brokeman’ which is a popular Ghanaian street food made of roasted plantain and groundnuts, has now become more expensive, without any changes in its appearance, behaviour, or taste.

“It must be nice to move from being the go-to food for the ‘broke’ man to living the ‘Ghanaian dream’ or rather the ‘Ghanaian nightmare’. Bread and butter issues have always been a concern, but now, the looming question of “Will it get better?” hangs over our heads, causing sleepless nights and headaches.”

If the average Ghanaian spends about 15 cedis on breakfast only, and then proceeds to spend the same amount on lunch and supper, ultimately, that is a huge expense on just food in a day. Transport has not been included, other expenses have not come in. Even if you make the argument of ‘cook at home,’ there isn’t much difference you’re looking at.

Imagine craving for a snack, making your way to the ‘Kofi Brokeman’ vendor, only to be left shocked that a finger of roasted plantain costs 5 Ghana cedis. A finger! 10 cedis for two, 15 cedis for 3? Scandalous! If you grumble, the famous questions roll off the vendor’s lips as though they have been sitting there all day, waiting to be asked, “Have you been to the market lately?” or “Do you know the cost of plantain these days?’

All you can do in the moment is heave a sigh, grumble some more and shove your money back in your pocket or painfully add some more to what you initially expected to spend. After buying, you’re left with a bitter taste in your mouth, strong enough to make the meal repulsive because what on earth is this? he ridiculousness of prices in the country leaves many turning their backs after asking for the cost of items.

Even after squeezing out money to buy items, you are unable to enjoy them thoroughly. Indeed, ‘sika yɛ mogya’ (literally meaning ‘money is blood’). ‘Kofi Brokeman’ is now a luxury snack! Will things get better? Alas the fallen have risen, how far are they likely to go?

Source: Ghana/ Kumashie


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