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I’m Scared For My Life – R Kelly

R Kelly

It appears R Kelly is dealing with some serious medical issues but the prison’s medical staff is allegedly neglecting his needs.  Initially reported by HipHopDX, a leaked phone call obtained by RapHouseTV emerged this morning of R Kelly expressing his concerns about medical attention surfaced online.

In the call, Kelly claims that he’s made numerous complaints about his health without any doctors actually checking on him in any capacity. The R&B singer previously underwent surgery on his Achilles for blood clots. However, it’s unclear if that’s why he’s sought medical attention.

“I don’t deserve to die because somebody miscommunicated or somebody took a guess at what’s going on with my leg. I’m not supposed to die this way. You’re not even supposed to take a chance on that,” Kelly allegedly says in the audio clip.

Afterwards, he explained that, under any other circumstance, someone would’ve already tried to rush him to get checked by a doctor and at the very least, receive an X-Ray or some sort of test. Kelly explained that he needed to voice his concerns due to the apparent risks of his condition.

“Because if it was your child, if it was your father, if it was your mother, somebody you loved, you would’ve said, ‘Go to the doctor. We need to get that checked out, we need to look at that. We need to X-ray that,” he explained. “They didn’t even X-ray. And that’s why I’m speaking out on this, because I’m scared for my life in that area. And who wouldn’t be. They treat animals better than that.”

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