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I am the man in the mask’ – Cheddar

Jacob Caesar

Nana Kwame Bediako, widely known as Cheddar or Freedom Jacob Caesar, has revealed himself as the driving force behind the emerging political movement called New Force. Addressing the press after the cancellation of a planned pan-African event he and his team tried to organize, dubbed “The Convention,” at the Black Stars Square in Accra on Sunday, Cheddar said, “I know you have been looking for the man in the mask. The man in the mask is sitting in front of you. I came to you as your salvation. I don’t invest in myself alone; I invest in you.”

The Convention, organized by the New Africa Foundation, was called off at the last minute. The government, in a statement, explained that there was an “unforeseen state event” scheduled at the Black Star Square, the venue for the event, hence the cancellation of the Convention, which had assembled Prof. P.L.O. Lumumba from Kenya, Peter Obi from Nigeria, and Julius Malema from South Africa as speakers.

Nana Kwame Bediako had sought to unveil himself at the lecture to disclose his identity and elaborate on his policies. Originally intending to unveil himself during the event, he chose to unmask prematurely due to the last-minute denial of access to the Black Star Square, which led to the event’s cancellation.

Turning 44 in February 2024, he outlined his ambitious vision for both Ghana and Africa, emphasizing the importance of education and uplifting the youth. “We need to uplift our children. We need to voice out to them. You are about to find out about this man in the mask because I never spoke a word, you were looking for me. I didn’t tell you whether I am into politics, whether I am an evangelist, whether I am a conventionist or a revolutionist.”

“And if I’m the reason why the country or the government is not happy about these great voices coming to educate not only Ghana but also Africa, then I take this moment to sacrifice myself, to unveil myself, because I have much respect for these great leaders beside me. I would have taken my own time to tell you who I am. But for this very moment, I am sacrificing myself to let you know that I’m that man.”

“But I am that man with a good purpose, with a great vision. I have a plan, and I have a vision for this nation. And not only for this nation, I have it for Africa too. But I know Africa is the next biggest thing because out of all the continents that have been developed in this world, there is only one continent that is not developed, and I am sent to do that,” he said. The New Force Movement, which placed giant billboards in town showcasing a man in a mask, suffered some setbacks after its spokesperson, Ms. Shalimar Abbiusi, was deported.

By: Citi Newsroom


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