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How to find peace in a chaotic world.

Mental Peace

There is a popular adage, “Don’t let your mind control your life, rather learn to control your mind’. Let’s delve deep to discover how it is possible to deal with the deadliest pangs of depression and anxiety in the highly cut-throat competitive new age world. Our Society is a thriving place that keeps evolving with human interventions using technology marvels with the common purpose of simplifying and easing up our lives.

Even so, there is one section of society that lives in a cocoon of comfort and yet is grappling with emotional and psychological problems as a result of chasing fame, power and money. There is the other section of society like the farmers or the poor citizens whose failure to make two ends-meet pushes them to take extreme steps such as suicide

Somewhere in some corner of the world, there are people struggling, trying to come to terms with heart-hurt, and heart-ache, along with the growing pangs that don’t seem to recede in intensity. There are a multitude of reasons that can push a person to the edge of depression. It could be the loss of a loved one, unrequited love, or failure in reaching one goal of leading a successful business or life. Or a disease that seems to cripple one’s life and trap one’s mind in a cage where they live believing there is no ultimate freedom as there is no outlet.

Unfortunately, so many people don’t even realise that they are depressed. Even before acknowledging the problem you have to delve deep and evaluate your personality type; are you the angry-repulsive detected type? Or the emotionally sensitive hyperactive types? Or the lonely overthinking, over-worrying types? Or the dual-natured types or the happy face negative thinking type? Once you know exactly which bracket you fit in, you need to then relate your present mindset with life experiences and ponder on what is that one event or experience that triggered or pushed you into a depressive state

Step one; you need to come out of your self-reflective self-pity mode and try to switch into a carrying mode. What’s most important is that you have to acknowledge that you are facing emotional challenges that seem to place you in a maze that only keeps getting complicated as you are not ready to seek external support, help, counselling or medical intervention.

In a world powered by technology, you can engage yourself and try to distract your mind from destructive thoughts. Engage yourself by pursuing a hobby, joining a support club, penning your thoughts and venting out your feelings, going out on a vacation with your loved ones or friends, learning a musical instrument and so on.

Step two; is to open up with your friends, and let out all the emotions that you seem to have capped within your heart. Share your side of the story with them and listen to their perspective as well.

In all probability, the mind wants to see, believe and get stuck to negative patterns that seem to manifest over the years as it is trained into believing it. Try innovative ways to keep yourself busy. If you have any deficiencies of vitamins, or minerals or are depressed owing to side effects caused by prolonged medication for a physical illness, you need to address the issue basis the symptoms and the conditions of your health.

Step three; you need to take time out to place yourself as a priority before giving others total importance. Spend time amidst nature, meditate, and breathe deeply experiencing a sense of gratitude as you inhale and a sense of relief from anxiety when you exhale the air.


Step four; look around and get help from a strong support system, it could be a parent, sibling, friend, boss, colleague, teacher, partner, or mates. Look for a responsible shoulder to lean on and an empathetic ear to listen to your innermost fears, delusions, worries or perceptions. Sometimes in life, it appears as if you are walking on a thin line trying to balance yourself when you are actually super scared of heights. If you believe in your strength and then focus on your shortcomings, you can overcome feelings of sadness, depression, negativity and anxiety.

Let us all remember that, life does not mean having a picture-perfect paradise on earth. Like the crest and trough of the waves, every person on Earth has to face the highs and lows of life at some point of time or the other. You have to train your mind to cope with a resolute mind, positive outlook and the maturity to learn to come out of difficult and destructive negativity and suicidal thoughts.

Remember that your mind is the most powerful machine in the world. Train it to the best of your ability and it will never fail you in life. If there is any mental health-related condition whereby the brain is malfunctioning or is diseased, then you need to seek medical help without worrying or thinking about the social stigma. Life is a precious gift and every person on Earth should be celebrating it. Personal incidences should not push you into a depressive state that only makes you feel lost with each passing day. Rather make a conscious effort and attempt to come out of those difficult thoughts and transform them with positive affirmation


Meditate and focus on holistic healing and well-being. Apart from traditional medication, there are so many holistic healing mechanisms like meditation, deep breathing, prayer and so on that can make you look at life from a different perspective and bring you out of the darkness in which your mind is searching to see a source of light. Life is in your hands, Protect it, Preserve it. Praise it. Power it. Cherish it and celebrate it! Take a pledge to love, heal and respect yourself from this very moment. Take good care of yourself! Say goodbye to depression and embrace life

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