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Harmattan season has intensified, vulnerable people should reduce outdoor activities – EPA

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has advised the public to limit outdoor activities to the barest minimum due to the harmattan. In a press statement dated Tuesday, February 6, the EPA explained that the caution was as a result of an increase in particulate levels (dust levels) observed from the monitoring station at the University of Ghana (UG).

“Monitoring results from January 26 to date indicate an Air Quality Index (AQI) between unhealthy (Red) and very unhealthy (purple). This corroborates the Ghana Meteorological Agency’s Harmattan Advisory Update III 2023/2024 which indicates that the harmattan season has intensified,” the statement said.

The EPA entreated vulnerable groups especially the elderly, children, pregnant women, people with asthma and related allergies and any other persons with underlying health conditions to reduce outdoor activities where necessary.

It further advised the public to take all necessary precautionary measures to stay safe by using pollution masks where necessary, refraining from open burning of waste and other materials, and sprinkling water on dusty surfaces before sweeping to reduce dust emissions. The statement also urged all vehicle users to reduce speeding on untarred roads to reduce dust emissions.


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