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Glovo to shut down operations in Ghana


Glovo, a delivery service provider, has recently announced that it will cease its operations in Ghana. In a notice shared with one of its clients, Glovo mentioned that its official customer app will no longer be available for orders starting from May 10. The company stated that it took this decision because it would require an “extended period of time” to establish a stronger market position and achieve profitability.

It has thus resorted to redirecting its resources to the other 23 countries where the company operates. Glovo has assured its clients likely to be affected by the decision of outstanding payments per the company’s terms and conditions in due time. A Business Insider Africa report in October 2021 said the company had invested €25 million ($30 million) to bring its food delivery service to six African countries — Morocco, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria.

The company launched its operations in Ghana in March 2021. Its Co-Founder, Sacha Michaud said the company was ready to invest 3.5 million euros In October 2021.

By:  Raphael Ghartey

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