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GIADEC selects Rocksure International as a strategic partner to develop $6 billion Nyinahin-Mpasaaso mine

Rocksure International

President Akufo-Addo has announced the government’s approval of the selection of Rocksure International as a strategic partner for the Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) towards the development of the $6 billion dollars Nyinahin-Mpasaaso mine which constitutes project two of the four-phase Integrated Aluminium Industry (IAI) in Ghana.

Addressing attendees of the launch ceremony of the Integrated Aluminium Industry projects and signing ceremony of project two (2) at the Africa Trade House, today Tuesday 14th of September 2021, President Akufo-Addo said the choice of a wholly Ghanaian owned company is indeed a major step forward towards building capacity in Ghana for the Bauxite industry through a partnership that will ensure that the country develops a Ghanaian solution that will propel her rapid growth.

“I am happy to announce that GIADEC has completed the selection of strategic partner for project 2 which is the development of the mine Nyinahin-Mpasaaso with a refinery. This is a significant development and one that brings us closer to realizing our plan. Rocksure International, a wholly-owned Ghanaian company is that strategic partner” President Akufo-Addo said.

“I congratulate warmly Rocksure international on their selection after due process. The choice of a Ghanaian company in a highly competitive process is very pleasing in a time when we are looking for homegrown companies that can compete with the best across the world”.

“I am certain that Rocksure International with their demonstrable achievement and track record of excellent delivery will be a credible partner to GIADEC. This choice indeed is a major step forward towards building capacity in Ghana for this industry for a partnership that will ensure we develop a Ghanaian solution that will propel our rapid growth” Akufo-Addo added.

Environmental Protection

On the subject matter of responsible mining, President Akufo-Addo indicated that his administration through the country’s regulatory bodies will ensure that bauxite mining to be carried out by the GIADEC – Rocksure International partnership, is done in a manner that will preserve the nation’s forest reserves and water bodies.

“A key area of attention in the development of this entire plan has been the focus on environmental issues with respect to the exploitation of our significant mining deposits. We believe that mining can and must be done in a responsible manner” the President said.

“Government through its regulatory agencies will act to protect our environment at all times. I will reiterate that steps will be taken to ensure that all mining activities are done in a responsible manner in accordance with our regulations” President Akufo-Addo further stated.


Chief Executive Officer of GIADEC, Michael Ansah, in his address noted that in respect of Project 2 – for which Rocksure International has been selected as a strategic partner of GIADEC, “it is anticipated that mining operations, after preliminary works and studies, will commence within 24 months”.

“Development of a refinery solution will commence in tandem, with construction timeline estimated at 4 years. Global trends indicate a growing demand for Aluminium and related products! Our mission is timely! And Our vision, “to be the leading integrated Aluminium Company in Africa” defines our intent and our bold aspirations” the GIADEC Chief Executive Officer said.

“There are challenges ahead – environmental concerns, transportation bottlenecks, the high energy-intensive process of Aluminium production, and the need to develop clean energy solutions. We shall confront these with urgency”.

“GIADEC has come a long way in establishing our foundations for growth. What remains is for us to build on these foundations. This is a national agenda, an investment in our collective future, that requires collaboration from all. Together we can, and shall make history” Mr Ansah added.

Rocksure International

Rocksure International Limited has over the years developed a considerable capacity and flexibility for implementing measures to meet the challenges of planning, equipping and staffing various mining sites.

This is the case particularly in Ghana, the Company’s home country where local content has been identified as a key component in the redefinition of the mining as an important platform in its Economic Development.

In this connection, Rocksure’s local and sub-regional knowledge, expertise and experience have particularly empowered them to link up with all key stakeholders to deliver the basis for the emerging developmental partnerships.

Rocksure International operates as a one-stop shop for all the mining needs of companies based in the West African sub-region.

In particular, the Company undertakes modularized jobs such as Drilling, Blasting, Load and Haul etc. their proven activities to date have been; Grade control (RC) drilling, BlastHole Drilling and blasting, Mine construction activities such as Haul Road, Public Roads, Tailings dams, ROM PAD construction and other earthworks and recently Crushed Ore Stockpile management.

Elsewhere within the sub-region, the company has successfully undertaken such related contract projects in Mauritania and Mali.


Ghana integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) was established through an Act of Parliament in August 2018 to develop and promote a globally competitive Integrated Aluminium Industry (1AI) in Ghana.

The mandate of GIADEC fits within the Government of Ghana’s (GoG) Ghana Beyond AID Agenda of reviving the manufacturing industry and adding value to our minerals, oil and gas. This agenda will be driven by an Integrated Aluminium Industry that will utilize and run on the back of our bauxite deposits and a petrochemical industry. (Ghana Beyond AID Charter, 2019).

GIADEC seeks to leverage on Ghana’s existing bauxite reserves and allied Aluminium assets, including its interest in Ghana Bauxite Company (GBC) and Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO), to drive the full commercial exploitation of the country’s bauxite reserves, and add value through refining bauxite into Alumina, and smelting Alumina to produce Aluminium, whilst encouraging the development of downstream industries.

Integral to this is attracting strategic investment and local participation across the value chain. GIADEC is required to hold minimum equity of 30% in any joint venture in the integrated industry.

Whiles delivering on this mandate, GIADEC also seeks to ensure that the environment as well as the interest of all stakeholders, in particular those of the mining communities that will be impacted by mining and associated activities, are protected.

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