Political analyst and senior lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, Dr. Jonathan Asante Otchere has stated that Vice President Dr. Mahammudu Bawumia will not be taken seriously by the Ghanaian people even if he promises heaven. This follows the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Mahama accusing the government of playing politics with the power crisis ostensibly to hand over the problem to the next administration even though the same was resolved under his presidency.

Addressing a stakeholder meeting in Sogakope earlier today as part of his two-day Building Ghana tour in the Volta region, Mr Mahama indicated that the country is currently in a deeper mess than Ghanaians are made to believe. He further stated that the next NDC government under his watch will require not only the trust but also, the collaboration and patience of Ghanaians to be able to bring the country back to its feet.

Speaking on Starr Today with Joshua Kodjo Mensah, the senior lecturer stated that Mr. Mahama is very careful with his promises to the Ghanaian people. “The level of unemployment is so high and this idea of a 24-hour economy which he (Mr. Mahama) has suggested, thereby reducing electricity.  People are definitely going to get on board and we are going to see an increment in employment. Either casual, permanent whatever so many of the youth will get something done.

“Apart from that we have so many bad roads in this country and if you are going to engage in the construction of roads you are going to create jobs. Its auxiliary of course will be the hotels, people selling and then the micro economy will equally strive. That is something if you ask me is one way of re-growing the economy and getting it revamped. Neither than that, there is nothing like the magic wand,” Dr. Asante Otchere stated.

He continued: “The main advantage is the fact that whatever Dr. Bawumia will say whether it is heaven, near heaven people will not believe him. Because he is suffering from a credibility crisis, that is the reason why he is not going on a promising spree.”

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