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Ghanaians prefer to celebrate “foolish people” – Fritz Baffour

Fritz Baffour

The renowned Ghanaian actor, journalist, and former Information Minister Fritz Baffour has made a significant claim, expressing his belief that Ghanaians tend to celebrate individuals who he considers foolish. On June 6, 2024, James Barnor, the highly acclaimed Ghanaian photographer, will be celebrating his 95th birthday. He will be in Ghana to commemorate this milestone with the James Barnor 95 Festival.

The James Barnor 95 Festival is a celebration of cultural heritage and artistic innovation. While paying homage to the iconic photographer, it also aims for a long-term impact on the Ghanaian arts and cultural scene.

Born in Ghana in 1929, James Barnor opened his renowned Ever Young studio in Accra, where he immortalized our nation at the moment of its independence. He is the first photographer-journalist to collaborate with The Daily Graphic, published in Ghana by London’s Daily Mirror Group.

At a press soiree held at the Ghana Club in Accra, on Friday, May 31, James Barnor unveiled the James Barner 95 Festival. Activities to commemorate the festival include exhibitions, Screenings and concerts. Speaking with Citi TV at the press soiree – monitored by GhanaWeekend, Fritz Baffour, who was one of the special guests at the event stated that James Barnor has not been celebrated well enough.

According to the legendary actor, ” Ghanaians we have not celebrated our icons enough. We turn out to be more concerned about politics and other mundane matters than celebrating the good that we have…This is a great country…When you talk about Ghana you talk about the people…we talk about what we have, culture, our traditions that is Ghana, so when we have people who are highlighting that very powerful part of us we celebrate them”.

“But we don’t…we celebrate fools, foolish people…people who have not achieved anything, we celebrate people who are like fireflies. Instead, people who shine the light all their lives like this man who is 95 years old and is still talking and encouraging people to do the right are not celebrated”.

The former member of Parliament for Ablekuma South advised that “Ghanaians need a sense of direction that will make us proud of who we are. “There is so much separation in the country and I blame Politics for that…we must learn to tolerate each other and learn to work with each other”.

Watch the full interview below

By: Reagan Mends

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