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GES silence on Aburi Girls student’s death worrying -Africa Edu. Watch Boss

Aburi Girls

The Executive Director of Africa Education Watch Kofi Asare, has voiced criticism against the Ghana Education Service (GES) for its perceived lack of response to the reported death of a student of Aburi Girls Senior High School. Stacy Okyere, a first-year female student tragically passed away hours after complaining of severe stomach pains.

According to a source within the school, allegations suggest that the student was denied medical attention by the school nurse, who reportedly accused her of repeatedly feigning illness. Tragically, by the time she was rushed to the hospital, she had passed away.

The deceased student’s body has been deposited at the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital pending autopsy. In a statement on Facebook, the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch Kofi Asare questioned, why GES has not issued a statement on the reported death of the student. This query is to stress his concerns over the absence of official communication from the education authorities regarding the tragic incident.

According to Kofi Asare, his sources close to the matter revealed distressing details surrounding the student’s demise. He said the girl had been unwell for several days and remained in school until her parents arrived from Ablekuma to transport her to a nearby hospital. Tragically, upon arrival at the hospital, she was declared dead.

Addressing the apparent delay in seeking medical attention for the student, the Executive Director queried, “Why did the school authorities keep her in school till she ‘died’?” Furthermore, he raised questions about the standard operating procedures for handling medical emergencies within school premises, particularly regarding the necessity for parents to intervene and transport their sick children to nearby medical facilities.

“Is it standard practice for school authorities to call parents to travel and go carry their sick wards to the hospital when one is located minutes away?” he questioned. Moreover, Kofi Asare called into question the effectiveness of the mandatory National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card for students, highlighting the need for a comprehensive review of health care protocols within educational institutions.

Emphasizing the urgency of the matter, the Executive Director urged the Ghana Education Service to promptly address these concerns and provide clarity on the circumstances surrounding the student’s tragic death.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah


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