For avid sports enthusiasts who are determined to watch every Black Stars match, the experience can feel like a suspenseful thriller that leaves you emotionally drained and stressed by the end of each game. If you find yourself struggling to cope with post-match heartaches, here are some helpful tips to help you manage the emotional rollercoaster.

Keep your expectations low: Embrace the wisdom of “he who is down fears no fall”. By keeping your expectations low, you can celebrate Black Stars’ victories joyfully. And when they face defeat, the impact is softened as you didn’t set overly high expectations in the first place.

Detach your emotions: Remember, it’s football, and anything can happen. Approach it with the mindset that it’s a game, acknowledging that wins and losses are part of the experience. Don’t overly invest yourself emotionally.

Eat first: It’s important to eat before the match, as the outcome may affect your appetite. If the game goes well, you’ll have the energy to celebrate. If not, at least you won’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

Get a distraction after the match: Following a disappointing loss, engage in a positive distraction like watching a fun movie or listening to upbeat music. By diverting your focus from the disappointment, you can uplift your mood and avoid going to bed feeling disheartened.

Football serves as a joyful means to promote unity and harmony among a nation’s citizens. When the national team secures a victory, it brings people together, setting aside differences for collective celebration. Conversely, in the face of a loss, there’s a shared sense of disappointment. These tips offer a practical approach to supporting the national team without becoming overly emotional when they fall short of expectations.




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