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Expensive data, poor network behind low music streaming in Ghana –  Bullgod


Artiste Manager, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, popularly known as Bullgod, argues that music streaming in Ghana is hindered by expensive data costs and poor network quality. Speaking on TV3’s New Day, he stated that the constant increase in data prices and unreliable networks are major issues that prevent Ghanaians from streaming music.

Bullgod, who manages several successful artists, believes that the lack of accessible and affordable data limits the potential of Ghanaian music to reach a broader audience. He notes that while Nigerian artistes can reach a global audience, Ghanaian artistes face challenges that hinder their ability to compete.

“Nobody is sitting in Tarkwa or wherever where the network is even bad there will stream your music. Look we are in Accra and you know Accra is the hub and everybody make wild dey go find something. How many people will be streaming music?” Bullgod questioned.

“But out there, let’s say in the other regions if they are relaxing and they want to stream music, the thing will not even stream and you’ll see nor kpa your 10 cedis worth of data is gone. Who will try that thing?”

Bullgod insisted that the high cost of data and poor network quality are not just challenges for artistes, but also for music consumers. He suggests that the government should intervene to address these issues and help the music industry grow.

“Let’s talk about the matters and these are facts. Check your streams and you’ll know all is from outside. If you check, the reason why we don’t stream our music is because data is expensive. If the artistes are genuine with their analytics, they will tell you that most of their streams are from outside. Ghanaians living in the diaspora,” Bullgod said.

By: Enoch Fiifi Forson

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