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Excessive alcohol intoxication and severe fall caused the death of the CEO of Kikibees– Suspect’s lawyer alleges

Bennett Agyekum Kikibees

The autopsy report of the late CEO of Kikibees, Bennet Agyekum-Adoma has indicated that his death was caused by excessive alcohol intoxication and a severe fall. According to court proceedings reported on Angel FM, the lawyer representing the defendant submitted the documents in a bid to secure bail for his client.

This comes weeks after investigators revealed that although the late Benjamin Agyekum was at his lover’s residence on the night of his demise, the assertion that he was stabbed or shot was untrue. Earlier reports had indicated that Bennet visited his partner and ingested substances that made him hyperactive, resulting in an argument between the two.

However, family and friends of the late CEO had rubbished the report, insisting there was “foul play.” But giving an update from court proceedings on Tuesday, Angel FM’s court correspondent Ama Brako Ampofo, said the full autopsy report is yet to be made public.

“Initially, the police stated in court that he was hallucinating. Now the autopsy is out and has been filed by the lawyer. He has given a hint about the findings in court. Documents from the autopsy proved that he had excessive alcohol and experienced a severe fall,” she explained.

Meanwhile, the main suspect in the murder case who is believed to be the late CEO’s girlfriend, Mam Yondey Joof has been granted bail. Ben’s mother has rejected the idea that her son took his own life or succumbed to drug-related influences. During an interview, she stated that her son was accomplished, responsible, and lacked any motive to put his life in danger

The owner of a popular bar and restaurant in East Legon, Kikibees, Bennet Adomah Agyekum was found dead at a house in Madina in the Greater Accra Region on Sunday, October 9. Reports suggest that this occurred shortly after Bennet left his restaurant earlier that night. The police stated that the businessman was rushed to the hospital for medical attention but was pronounced dead on arrival.


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