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Ex-CDS Nunoo-Mensah predicts insurgency in Ghana

General Nunoo Mensah

Retired Brigadier-General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah has predicted that Ghana would soon suffer anarchy if the laws are not allowed to take its course.

The former Chief of the Defense Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces is livid at the level of indiscipline in the country, stressing that people more often flout the law of the country in the full glare of the security yet they go unpunished.

He has indicated that he is not happy about the mindset and conduct of the youth because discipline and patriotism for the country seem to be deserted in their lives. Brigadier-General (rtd) Nunoo-Mensah, speaking in a phone interview on the Yen Sempa morning show on Onua FM on Monday, April 12 censured successive governments for failing to allow the law to deal with the recalcitrant and law offenders.

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He expressed fret over poor leadership and the laissez-faire way of law enforcement by the security agencies.

He said that he gets disappointed anytime he drives around the city as there is indiscipline on the road and the erection of structures at unauthorized places along the principal streets.

He told host Kwame Tutu that the laws are not biting hard enough and predicted that the youth would one day rise and affray the leadership in demanding for right things to be done and this, he predicts, could lead to an insurgency.

“At age 84, I sometimes weep for Ghana because of the direction the country is going with respect to how people are behaving like animals and leadership seems to mute.

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“This generation is soft on the children, they don’t discipline them when they go wrong and the way it is reflecting in their lifestyle I am afraid Ghana is on a dangerous path,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile, he said Ghana is a beautiful country to live but the peace of the country is bestowed on the leadership to enforce the law to instil discipline.

By Maxwell Otoo|Onua FM||Ghana

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