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“Do not sell your vote, as it is equivalent to selling your birthright.” – Doe Adjaho.

Doe Adjaho.

Former Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Doe Adjaho is urging residents of Frankadua and its environs in the Asuogyaman constituency to elect a National Democratic Congress member as their legislator during the 2024 parliamentary elections. He said this would help bring development after the election of John Dramani Mahama as president in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking during former President Mahama’s tour of the Eastern Region, the former speaker noted that, although politics should not be based on tribal lines, the people of Frankadua would be better off with an NDC parliamentarian in the next NDC government.

He, however, urged the residents not to sell their votes. “If you see a rat in the afternoon, you should know it is being chased by a wild animal. And what has chased us is why I am here. Don’t let anyone deceive you by practising tribal politics. What you’re trained with is what you practice. I’m telling you not to be deceived with money because if you take that money, you’re equally selling your birthright. You may not get that money in the future again, which will affect your family.”

“I am pleading with the chiefs not to be deceived. If you elect a chief in Frankadua, you cannot select his spokesman from Accra, so I’m asking you to elect an NDC person to represent you in Parliament as you elect John Mahama as the president. You’ve seen what is happening in the country, things are hard now, so for a better future don’t look at what will be given you. I’ll urge you not to take the money, but to vote against them.”

By: Neil Nii Kanarku

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