Customary Marriage

Reverend Alice Blunya Ankutse, a pastor from the Ho Fiave Parish of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, recently emphasized the importance of customary marriage, stating that it is the foundation of all marriages and should be highly valued. She clarified that customary marriage is not the same as engagement, which is often confused, but rather the actual marriage. She urged everyone to respect and honour customary marriage.

During a three-day retreat for the Ho East Presbytery Catechists Union at Awudome Tsito in the Ho West District of the Volta Region, Rev. Mrs Ankutse presented a paper on marriage. She explained that although the law is not directly involved, ordinance marriage cannot be celebrated without it.

She entreated her colleagues not to officiate any ordinance marriage if the traditional marriage was not performed. Rev. Mrs Ankutse reminded the Catechists that an ordinance marriage celebrated by a Minister of the gospel, who was not gazetted, would not be recognized under the law.

Similarly, an ordinance marriage could not be celebrated in chapels not registered under the law. “Ordinance marriages contracted at all places rather than those licensed by the state are invalid,” she stated. “According to the Act, ordinance marriages are not permitted to be celebrated on Sundays and public holidays.”

According to Rev. Mrs Ankutse, pastors who conduct marriages in unregistered premises or without being gazetted could face imprisonment for a minimum of seven years. She advised couples to follow the proper legal procedures for their marriages to avoid any potential legal complications.

She entreated the Catechists as administrators of their chapels to liaise with the leadership of their various congregations to register the chapels to qualify for the celebration of marriages. The retreat was on the theme: “Care for God’s Creation, The Role of the Church.”

Source: GNA

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