GmoMaize ears from CIMMYT's collection, showing a wide variety of colors and shapes. CIMMYTís germplasm bank contains about 28,000 unique samples of cultivated maize and its wild relatives, teosinte and Tripsacum. These include about 26,000 samples of farmer landracesótraditional, locally-adapted varieties that are rich in diversity. The bank both conserves this diversity and makes it available as a resource for breeding. Photo credit: Xochiquetzal Fonseca/CIMMYT.

The Human Rights Court has rejected the application for an interlocutory injunction filed by Food Sovereignty Ghana and other parties against the National Biosafety Authority (NBA). The injunction was sought to stop the registration of 14 GMO crops in Ghana for food, feed, and processing purposes.

The court presided over by Her Ladyship, Justice Barbara Tetteh-Charway in dismissing the application on Tuesday 30 April 30 2024, acknowledged the NBA’s diligence in executing its statutory mandate in ensuring the safety and regulatory compliance of GMO crops within Ghana’s agricultural sector.

Food Sovereignty Ghana and others on 10 April 2024, filed a motion for an interlocutory injunction to restrain the National Biosafety Committee and four others from “releasing into the Ghanaian ecosystem any GM product”. The court also admonished that seeking information from the NBA would have averted the filing of the present application.

The landmark ruling marks a significant milestone for actors in the biotechnology and agricultural innovation space and affirms that science-based functional biosafety systems are important to expand producer choice, inspire consumer confidence, facilitate trade and promote agricultural research and development.

The ruling of the substantive matter is scheduled for Friday, 24 May, 2024. The NBA in a statement dated 30 April 2024, assured Ghanaians of its commitment to ensuring the safety of modern biotechnology in Ghana as well as continuous engagement with stakeholders in a transparent manner.

By: Fred Dzakpata

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