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Cheddar Will Become President Of Ghana – ArchProphet Dr. Ernest William Nelson Prophesies


An old video from 2020 featuring ArchProphet Dr. Ernest William Nelson, the General Overseer of Author Of Salvation Ministries, has resurfaced, foretelling the political destiny of Ghanaian businessman Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Cheddar. The video has resurfaced following Cheddar’s recent announcement of his intention to contest in the 2024 General Elections as an independent candidate, leading his political party, The Convention.

Cheddar, renowned for his role as the founder and chairman of the Kwarleyz Group, focusing on real estate, finance, and property management in West Africa, declared his presidential aspirations after the government halted his Black Star Square event. At a press conference, he unveiled himself as the face behind the masked billboards in town – an announced that triggered widespread reactions.

The resurfaced video of ArchProphet Dr. Ernest William Nelson making the prophetic announcement in 2020 has further intensified the buzz surrounding Cheddar’s political journey. As the clip started to circulate online again, reactions poured in from all corners, with many astonished by the accuracy of the prophecy.

In response to the unfolding events, ArchProphet Dr. Ernest William Nelson recorded a video expressing gratitude to God for revealing His true power through the prophetic words. He affirmed that he will continue to hear the same divine voice in 2024, remaining unwavering in his belief that Cheddar is destined to lead Ghana out of its current financial and economic challenges.

In his message to the public, ArchProphet Dr Ernest William Nelson urged the youth to rally behind Cheddar, emphasizing him as the chosen leader capable of steering the country towards a brighter future.

He also warned all the people speaking against Nana Kwame Bediako’s ambition to become president and stressed if they do not desist from it they will incur the wrath of God. The prophetic endorsement adds a spiritual dimension to Cheddar’s political journey, creating a unique narrative that blends faith and politics.

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