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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has cautioned the travelling public to be wary of the activities of middlemen/agents who purport to have the ability to secure citizenship, resident permits and job offers in conflict areas and in countries at war.

The Ministry said these journeys are perilous and often have dire consequences. This is contained in a travel advisory issued by the Ministry on March 25. “In light of ongoing conflicts and the risk of conscription in certain countries or regions around the world, travellers are strongly advised to exercise caution and carefully consider their travel plans.

Travellers are also advised to prioritise their safety and well-being when offered jobs in regions with potential risks of conscription and armed conflict,” the Ministry advised.

“By staying informed, exercising caution and taking proactive measures, individuals can reduce the likelihood of being conscripted into military service while travelling in conflict areas. The Ministry takes this opportunity to reassure of its commitment to the travelling Ghanaian public,” portions of the advisory read.


By: Eric Mensah-Ayettey

Benjamin Mensah

By Benjamin Mensah

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