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Ashanti Regional Security Council bans movement of motorbikes, tricycles beyond Airport premises

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The Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has announced a new restriction on motorbikes and tricycles in the vicinity of the Kumasi Airport. Effective immediately, all riders are prohibited from travelling beyond the Airport Roundabout towards the airport itself. In a statement issued on Thursday, the Council cited safety concerns as the reason for the restriction. They noted that the presence of motorbikes and tricycles on the road leading to the airport poses a potential danger to both air passengers and motorists.

It added that any driver who flouted the directive would be apprehended, arraigned before the court and prosecuted. “It has come to the notice of the Ashanti Regional Security Council that motorbikes and tricycles ply the route from the Airport Roundabout to the premises of the Airport. This is not acceptable. In this regard, the Ashanti Regional Security Council, hereby directs that all motorbikes and tricycles are not allowed to ride beyond
the Airport Roundabout to the Airport.”

“Any rider who flouts this directive shall be apprehended, arraigned, and prosecuted before the Court. It is the expectation of the Regional Security Council that riders of motorbikes and tricycles within the region will strictly abide by the above directive to avoid a brush with the law. Let us all work together to make the region an orderly and peaceful one for all,” it stated.

Kumasi Airport

By: Abigail Arthur

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