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Anyone who attempts to rebuild will be arrested – Titus Glover warns after ECOMOG fire


The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Titus Glover, has issued a stern warning to settlers at ECOMOG at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra, against rebuilding their structures demolished by fire. During a visit on Thursday morning, he stated that anyone attempting to rebuild would be arrested.

This warning follows a fire on Wednesday that destroyed wooden structures near the railway line, causing a power outage in Adabraka, New Town, and surrounding areas. This incident is the second fire in two years, with a previous fire in February 2022 prompting an unsuccessful evacuation order.

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Wooden structures along the railway line near the Odaw drain destroyed by fire


The recent fire has led the regional minister to take action to prevent future occurrences, stressing that lives could be at risk if the fire had affected power lines. Although he sympathised with the settlers, he emphasised that no one should live in the area anymore, as he had to protect lives and property.

He assured that enforcement measures would be in place to ensure compliance.

“…We don’t want to have any third fire, therefore they should prepare and leave. We will make sure we put men on the ground to make sure nobody lives here. And anybody who tries to build, we will arrest the person,” he cautioned.

The Ghana National Fire Service has begun investigating the cause of the fire.

By: Emma Ankrah

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