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8 Gifts Women Should Stop Giving Their Men on Val’s Day

Val’s Day

“Val’s Day” is most likely a shortened or colloquial term for “Valentine’s Day.” Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection between intimate companions. It is observed on February 14th and is marked by exchanging cards, flowers, gifts, and romantic gestures. Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr who lived during the Roman Empire, is the inspiration behind this day. Valentine’s Day is now recognized worldwide as an occasion to celebrate love and is observed in many countries.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express your love for your partner, but are you resorting to predictable gifts? Let’s add a new twist to it this year. Here’s a list of eight gifts that may not be as valued as you believe, along with some innovative alternatives.

  • Boxers: Yes, they are practical, but they’re hardly exciting. This year, opt for something that aligns with his hobbies or passions. How about a stylish accessory related to his favourite sport or a gadget that piques his interest?
  • Singlet: It’s not bad but you’ve given him one too many, get creative and buy him something he can easily appreciate.
  • Wallet: A wallet is useful, but it’s a gift that’s been done to death. Consider something that offers an experience, like tickets to a game or a subscription to a speciality magazine or service he’s been eyeing.
  • Deodorant: Personal grooming gifts can be great, but deodorant feels a bit too basic. Why not upgrade to a luxury grooming kit or a unique cologne that you’ve picked out just for him?
  • Fake sneakers: Quality matters and nothing says “afterthought” like fake merchandise. Invest in a pair of quality sneakers or a different fashion item that he’ll be proud to wear.
  • Handkerchief: It’s practical but lacks excitement. Swap this out for a stylish hat or a set of premium cufflinks to add a touch of class to his wardrobe.
  • CardsWhile a nice sentiment, cards shouldn’t be the only gift. Pair a heartfelt card with something more substantial, like a book by his favourite author or a vinyl record of his favourite album.
  • Sex: It’s an intimate part of your relationship but shouldn’t be packaged as a Valentine’s gift it’s an activity enjoyed by both parties, so don’t consider it a gift. Focus on something that caters to his personal tastes or interests instead.

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to show love and appreciation for your partner. If you want to give the best gift, try to break away from your usual routine and surprise your partner with something unique and thoughtful. You could plan a surprise weekend getaway, enrol both of you in a cooking class, or get a custom-made piece of art. Remember, it’s not about the price tag, but the thought that counts. Choose something that reflects your understanding and affection for your partner and make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable experience. Act on our understanding and affection for your partner and make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable experience.


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