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15 Clear Signs He Will Never Marry You

Not Ready For Marriage

Have you been waiting for a long time to settle down with your boyfriend, but nothing has happened? However, do you feel hopeless thinking he will never marry you? Men who are seriously in love with their girlfriends will consider building a family with them. Marriage will never be a question because that is their end goal. They want to spend the rest of their lives with their beloved.

While circumstances could delay marriage, it will be clear if a man sees his future with you. It will be obvious in the way he works hard to keep his woman and prepare for their future together. So, if you see or experience the following signs, it is apparent that he will never marry you:

  • He is Not a Gentleman Towards You.

A man who truly loves his partner will treat her like a queen. He will remain a gentleman towards her even after many years together. So, if your boyfriend does not seem to care for you at all, he is probably not serious about keeping you. If he loves you, he will not make you wait for a long time, let you go home late and alone, or carry heavy stuff while he walks with free hands in front of you.

  • He is Never Thoughtful.

When was the last time he surprised you on your birthday or on Valentine’s? Does he willingly spend money to give you a gift or bring you to a lovely date on your anniversary? If he never did any of these, you better wonder if he truly sees your worth. But, if a man wants to keep you, he will make an effort to make you feel special.

  • He is Cold and Bored with You.

How about whenever you are together? Do you feel he is distant and always in a hurry to leave? Does he spend much of his time scrolling on his phone than talking to you? If he is not happy with your presence, there is a big chance that he will never marry you.

  • He is often rude.

Is he often harsh with you? If he is always irritable whenever you are together, maybe he does not like being with you at all. A man who truly loves you will be so grateful for your presence. He will not drive you away by treating you rudely. Also, this is probably his tactic to turn you off and make you give up on him.

  • He Does Not Care About Your Feelings.

Moreover, if your boyfriend sees you as his future wife, he will take care of you, including your feelings. He will not intentionally do anything that can hurt you. As a loving partner, he will protect you from disrespect, insult, disappointment, or anything that will tear you apart inside.

  • He Seldom Initiates Contact.

Is it always you who initiate conversations? Are you the first one to message or call him every day? And if you do not contact him even for days, doesn’t he seem to notice at all? If this is how he treats you, accept that he will never marry you. He does not even miss you.

  • He Does Not Introduce You to His Family.

On a more serious note, if a guy wants to be your husband, he will introduce you to his family. This is one of the ultimate signs that he truly wants to marry you. So, if until now he has never invited you to meet his parents or siblings, something is off. He does not bother bringing you home because he probably thinks you will not last.

  • He is Not Interested in Meeting Your Family.

In addition, he always makes excuses whenever you want to bring him home. He never initiates planning to meet your parents and other loved ones. If he truly loves and respects you, he will make an effort to be part of your world. Also, he will do his best to gain your family’s trust.

  • He Keeps You from His Friends.

If he can keep you from his family, do not be surprised if he does not let his friends meet you too. What could be the reason why he hides you from them? You should wonder why. This red flag confirms he has no intention of making you his wife. He will not hide you from the public if he wants to marry you.

  • He is Annoyed with Your Friends.

And how does he treat your friends? Is he aloof or even rude toward them? Has he expressed his dislike for your close buddies? If your boyfriend truly loves you, he will do his best to get along with your friends. Of course, your friends should be his friends too, especially if you will become one someday.

  • He Only Sees You When He Needs to Relieve Himself.

You would probably reason that your boyfriend is passionate whenever you have intimate moments. Well, boys will be boys, and they are not as emotional as girls. They can be sensual with someone without being attached. So, his physical need for you does not count as a sign that he wants you to be his wife. It is even possible that he only keeps you for that sole purpose.

  • He Does Not Care About Your Needs.

And how about your needs—including emotional ones? Does he care about them at all? Does he make an effort to be a responsible boyfriend to you? If he does not even check on you, even if he knows you are not okay, he does not love you. Consider it a hint that you have no future together.

  • He Never Opens Up About Wedding.

If you have been together for many years, but he never talks about the wedding, you better start moving on. It seems that he will never you.  You better confront him about it as early as now, or you might be only wasting your youth with him.

  • He Tells You He is Not Ready to Have a Family Yet.

Or whenever you try to open up about marriage, does he always cut you with the excuse that he is not ready for it? If you dream of having your own family soon, do not wait for this guy any longer. Even if he loves you, he probably has no plan of settling down until he gets tired of the bachelor’s life.

  • He Does Not Save or Make Investments for the Future.

Most women dream of having an elegant wedding. If your boyfriend loves you, he will also desire to give you the best experience. Thus, if he wanted to marry you someday, he would have started saving for your upcoming wedding and future family. However, if he only spends his money on partying and friends, he is not ready to be a husband yet.

If you have confirmed that your boyfriend is not serious about your relationship and he will never marry you, think about yourself. Don’t you think you deserve to be treated better? It may be hard, but getting out of the relationship is the best thing for you. Give yourself a chance to be with someone who would want you to be his wife and the mom of his kids.

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